What is Carbon Calculator 2050?

2050 Carbon Calculator is a tool for planning and decision-making scenarios projected reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), or cause climate change, taking into account the different sectors of the economy.

Through a balance of supply and demand of energy and different measures to reduce GHG emissions, carbon calculator 2050 identifies a number of physically possible scenarios for the future.

These scenarios are constructed with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and promote the use of renewable energy. The model is freely available and everyone can access the tool and modeling assumptions.

The calculator can solve questions like:

  • How much energy can be supplied with different technologies?
  • How much energy is used by different sectors?
  • How you could reduce the energy used by different sectors?
  • What is the cost of different energy scenarios?
  • What sectors should focus efforts?
  • What sectors do not represent major changes in terms of reductions?
  • What emissions reductions could be achieved?

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