Carbon Calculator key tool for achieving GHG reduction target

Deputy Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Paul Vieira, presents the studies led by the Colombian Strategy Low Carbon Development (ECDBC) and the University of the Andes with the support of development partners, and options that can take the country to reach the goal using the Carbon Calculator, a tool that allows you to simulate different scenarios of implementation of mitigation measures for Colombia.

"The calculator covers the most important economic sectors (link is external) of Colombia (energy, mining, transport, housing, agriculture, waste and industrial), and includes four levels of ambition for each of mitigation measures modeled sectors , with projections of energy use and emissions of greenhouse gases are built, so it is a planning tool and making important decisions for the country", Vieira said.

The event was also presented the development of the calculator versions for Bogota and Cundinamarca and the launch of the educational version of it, which is a video game as downloadable app on mobile and PC which seeks to sensitize and educate young people, to understand the basic concepts related to mitigation of emissions and the implications for environmental quality and resource conservation.

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