Energy Balance

Colombia carbon calculator 2050 automatically adjusts the energy supply and demand for each of the years of study. The user makes his choice of energy demand and supply, except for the supply of energy from fossil fuels, as this is driven by the model. The calculator:

  • Adjust the supply and demand of electricity. If the user does not supply enough electricity from renewables, nuclear and CCS energy, the calculator automatically makes the deficit of electricity supply, is covered from non-small power plants (whether driven by fossil fuels or bioenergy, depending user choice of bioenergy).
  • It provides energy from fossil fuels if oil demand is outstripping supply of bioenergy and waste. For example, if the user modeling scenario requires more liquid fuels that provided by bioenergy, Calculator "extracted" oil "refines" and "distributed" to end users.

The user must be aware that it is not assumed that all the country's population has access to electricity from the SIN, and therefore in isolated zones will be generated by its own power from different technologies.

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